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What We Do for Your Success

Leatherberry Associates is an implementation partner of Business Process Automation and Digital Marketing software solutions. We assist our clients to identify areas of their business that are inefficient, costly to the organization, and disruptive to employee productivity and morale. Using software technologies, we implement dependable automated solutions to improve organizational efficiency through measurable results while reducing fiscal costs.

Employees enjoying a balanced work-life schedule while automated business process runs in the backgroundwhile automated business process runs in the background
Employees enjoying family time while automated business process runs in the background
Male employee relaxing and watching YouTube videos while automated business process runs in the background

Today, now more than ever before, winning organizations need a combination of strategic insight, industry expertise, data accuracy, and technology solutions. That is why we are committed to excellence in consulting with technologies and specialized teams that deliver results.

When our solutions are implemented, they have an immediate impact on business performance. Since automated processes are measurable and repeatable, they proactively deliver information business leaders require to make insightful, data-driven decisions on the biggest challenges facing their organizations. Employees are empowered to complete job requirements without incurring overtime as mundane manual processes are eliminated. Customers awareness and confidence is restored by timely notification processes.

Through our software and technical service solutions, Leatherberry Associates offers a combination of technology, proprietary data, and extensive expertise to significantly improve the operational performance and organizational health for our clients.

Speaking of health, our automated business solutions can lead to a happier well balanced work / life schedule allowing our clients and their employees to focus on what’s most important to them.

We are Business Process Automation Enthusiasts

To be competitive, one must
Think Smart, Work Smarter  then 
Automate the rest!

Labor intensive business processes are costly and often prevent already over-worked employees from completing timely projects. Business Process Automation (BPA) improves workplace inefficiency by replacing laborious manual tasks with automated event driven and scheduled tasks. This ensures tasks are completed as scheduled allowing employees to focus on more important tasks. BPA can deliver time sensitive reporting, integrate disconnected silos of data such as Sales to ERP, distribute Marketing leads and collateral, proactively monitor and alert, or any number of simple to complex tasks. Often referred to as the ‘perfect employee, BPA works 24x7x365, completes every assigned task as scheduled, and never asks for time off. 

” So what is BPA and what can it do for my business? “

Layered screen capture of automated business processes
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What You Should Automate!


Automate time-consuming credit control procedures, financial reporting and everyday data entry. Integrate key financial elements with data silos used throughout the organization to ensure employees have the most up-to-date decision based information.


Whether your a vendor on an e-commerce site or managing one of your own, automated data integration is a fundamental necessity for simple data transfer, order acknowledgement, fulfillment, shipping notifications or all of the above, Manually transferring data from online to in-house systems wastes valuable time, delays shipment, and lowers customer satisfaction.   


Start your journey towards an administration free, self-service environment. Empower employees to update their own information or request time off. Proactively notify managers of impending reviews or alert when reviews are overlooked.


Integrate disconnected database systems. Perform routine maintenance. Automate scheduled reporting (Crystal Reports, MS Reporting Services, Excel, etc.). Proactively monitor data. Trigger database updates to ensure employees are view the most current information 


Spend more time on improving marketing performance and less on managing unsubscribes, updating eCommerce stores and entering leads from campaigns into your CRM system. Pass segmented lists from CRM to Marketing Platform. Automatically fulfill information requests, route leads, enable/disable opt-in requests.


Enforce consistency by automating common tasks such as scheduled reporting. Move data through organizational progressions using conditional data updates. Distribute email notifications, alerts, and announcements to employees and customers.


The number one complaint among sales people for the last 20 years is “I do not get paid to enter data” Automate new Lead / Customer data entry, calendar control, Opportunity Management, and Order processing in the company CRM system. Generate pipeline reports, purge discontinued data, merge duplicate records. Empower the Sales Team to actually perform the task for which they were employed.  


Whether you want to automate support ticket creation and distribution, update the CRM with customer service information or provide a customer portal for customers to access information, we have the solutions to help. Manage Service and Support processes to ensure customers are receiving top level assistance. Automate internal/external notifications. 

What Our Clients Are Saying


With our entire workforce working remotely from home during this pandemic, BPA is now more important to the success of our sales and support than ever. Thanks to you and BPA, our operations, sales, and service teams continue to maintain the highest levels of customer service for which we are known.

P. Durant

Vice President of Operations,
North America


We would spend on average 30 to 40 hours a week, mostly weekends, trying to figure out who we owed money to and who owed us. Thanks to the great team at Leatherberry Associates, our manual and error-prone process has been automated. In less than 15 minutes per week our invoices and bills are transferred from our heavily customized CRM to our accounting system.

J. Hulupko

Chief Financial Officer


Our billing process took 3 staff members 6 weeks of data entry to produce a single months worth of invoicing. It was errant, time consuming, and difficult to manage. With your help and understanding, our new automated billing process has been reduced to 30 minutes a month. It has freed 2 of our staff to focus on new areas of revenue production and we saw a positive ROI 3 months after implementation. Unbelievable!

B. Peters

Accounting Manager


The amount of flooding after the hurricane made it impossible to get to our office. Thanks to you and the automated business processes you designed for us, our business never skipped a beat. Web leads were still being routed to the correct sales rep, reports were delivered on time, and all of the data integrations processed as scheduled.

B. Bond

Business Development Manager

Marketing / Sales

I have no clue how this stuff works but it’s pretty incredible. I open my inbox and there are my leads. I open my CRM and my phone calls are already scheduled, opportunities created, and I didn’t have to waste valuable time entering data. Very Cool Stuff Leatherberry!

J. Coore

Regional Sales Manager


As controller, I was very concerned about transferring data automatically into our Accounting software. Your Client Support representative was extremely responsive by showing me how I could have final approval using group filters in our CRM. Now my data  moves with accuracy and ease.

C. Ryan