What do you want to automate?

Automation of simple to complex business processes improves employee productivity and workplace efficiency. By removing repetitive mundane time consuming tasks, employees are able to complete the job for which they were actually hired without the need for overtime.

Here are just a few suggested automations by department.



Strengthen cash flow and prevent errors

Whether QuickBooks, NetSuite, Shopify, or other ERP system, an accounting integration has significant ROI and benefits. Time saved equates to shorter work schedules and less weekends at the office. Use rules based criteria to prevent unauthorized non relevant data from synchronizing between systems.

Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry

The manual entry of information into a single system is timely enough. Having employees duplicate that effort into muliple systems is extremely costly and increases the potential for data entry errors and omissions. A single BPA solution can monitor and process data requests from multiple internal and/or external data sources (e-commerce, EDI, CRM Sales, etc.) within seconds what a single employee could take hours to complete.

CRM Integration

Integration with a CRM, HRM, MRP, or other key database management system offers significant value to both sides of the integration. Duplicate data is eliminated allowing key customer data including address and contact information to be shared across the business. Integration ensures accuracy of information and substantially reduces the time to process it. End users are no longer required to contact accounting to answer customer inquiries as relevant AR/AP data is shared within view of both systems.

Greater visibility of key information, elimination of duplicate data entry, orders processing, and proactive alerts are only some of the value added benefits provided through system integration.

Electronic Data Integration (EDI)

Electronic Data Integration (EDI) enables two or more business entities to seamlessly transmit purchase orders, inventory, automatic shipment notifications, and more, throughout the business day. While EDI is not new, given the immediacy of today’s e-Commerce ordering process, EDI is in high demand and has become more affordable. EDI setup and implementation will require an investment of time and resources. However, once implemented, the return on investment is measurable.

Proactive Alerts and Messages

Be proactive! Don’t wait until after an issue occurs to react. A BPA solution can continuously monitor data using user defined criteria then distribute SMS alerts and/or email notifications as matching data is identified.

Whether its a customer placing an order while on credit hold, a key account ordering out of stock parts, or low inventory levels pre-production, the number AP / AR proactive monitoring alerts are limitless and will ensure employees remain informed and knowledgeable.

Scheduled Reporting

Expedite the timely delivery of company financials to decision makers through use of scheduled reporting. Eliminate the time consuming requirement for employees to manually compile and filter information before re-compiling it in Excel or other reporting tool. In most cases, the data used for reporting should already exist within the company data silos.

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Customer Service

Increase customer satisfaction with automation and customer portals

Customer Service Representatives play an integral role in the development and nurturing of the customer experience. A well trained representative knows how to handle call escalation and maintain a positive customer experience. However, training is costly and turn over rates can be significant. Today’s business, in order to reduce costs, off-shore call centers, replace human telephone operators with overly voice sensitive poorly vetted IVR phone systems, and force customers to use impersonal chat to interact with the few remaining representatives serving as the face of business.

  • Provide Single Source Information via Data Consolidation
  • Interactive Customer Facing Web Forms
  • Automated Email Inbox Processing and Response
  • Literature and Document Fulfillment

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Human Resources

Empower your employees with access to a self-service environment

  • Onboard New Employees
  • Document Processing and Management
  • Reviewing Performance
  • Review Benefits
  • Employee Surveys and Assessments
  • Monitor Continuing Education and Training Certifications

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Information Systems

Enforce data entry, automate processes and build applications rapidly

  • Use Chatbot GPT to search internal Knowledge Base articles
  • End User Technical Support and Ticket Management
  • Systems Integration
  • RDBMS Maintenance
  • Local File Management and Storage Maintenance
  • Publishing Dashboards and Reporting
  • Implement A Business Process Automation Solution

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Manage Opportunities

Update sales forecasts as opportunities move through the stages of a sales process. Use alert notifications and scheduled reporting to maintain a collaborative team sales initiative. Use data triggers to update opportunities as the their estimated close date is extended.

Lead Distribution

Automate the assignment of sales leads received from a website or email inquiry to the correct sales representative. Initate ‘new lead’ alerts containing the prospect’s details via SMS ensuring contact established. Prevent lost lead opportunities through the use of proactive data mining.

Sales Activity

On change of order status, send email/SMS confirmation notices in preferred document format to customers and including product documentation, warranty details, and shipment / RMA instructions.

Order Processing

There is no reason for sales managers to spend their personal time filling out reports. Scheduled tasks simply the distribution of reporting by compiling data and delivering it to intended recipients in their preferred file formats.

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