Project Winners and Losers

To be successful, a project must have…

  • Clearly Defined Objectives
  • Defined Budget
  • Measurable Goals
  • Committed Executive Sponsorship
  • Qualified Project Manager
  • Dedicated Project Team
  • End User Adoption
  • Technical / User Training
  • Plan for Employee Turnover

Should any of these key project indicators falter then project failure is unavoidable. Solution buyers are often set up for project failure because the vendor has not fully established a clear expectation of the software solution’s capabilities and/or the cost of the complete project including hidden costs, training and support, annual maintenance renewals, administration and upgrade, employee turn-over, additional software licensing, and hardware. Be wary of a solution vendor who states they have a 100% success rate. Projects can terminate or fail for numerous reasons even after a multi-year run of success. Loss of Sponsorship, a change in organizational structure or vision, employee turn-over, budget modification, or economic change can impact the course of a once successful project. 

At Leatherberry Associates, we are extremely proud of our project successes and equally troubled by those that had a dissimilar outcome. Before engaging in a project, it is imperative that we take the time to completely educate our prospective clients on all matters related to their project before either party enters into an agreement. Included within these pages are some of our greatest successes and some unfortunate loses. A list of frequently asked questions and there answers are listed here.

Project Winners

” I already have a CRM. How does BPA work with an existing CRM?

Customer pays $87,000 invoice surprising the Accounting Department

Automation processes continue to maintain operations while Pandemic forces staff to work remotely

Automation Project Improves Sales Revenue by 37% in the first year

E-Commerce integration yields immediate return on investment

Accounting integration ends color coded paper trail

Sales team is inundated with web leads, drops cold calling campaign for good.

Service company increases SLA renewals by 700%

Home bound customers now able to track and modify deliveries while in transit 

CRM Data Scorecard improves data consistency and accuracy

Today’s Customer Relationship Management software has evolved as the dominant centerpiece of business. Implementing Business Process Automation (BPA) in concert with a CRM solution will enhance its effectiveness by transforming once static customer data into a dynamic resource tool offering integrated insight into accounting, marketing and social media, inventory, production and more. Empower fixed and mobile users to interact confidently with customers having all the information they need in one place.

The following projects spotlight how a standard CRM implementation can evolve into a sophisticated data collection tool.

e-Commerce integration yields immediate ROI during COVID-19 Shutdown

Sales revenue increased by > 37% during the first year of Digital Marketing integration

Customer pays $87,000 invoice surprising the Accounting Department