Automation Project Finds $87,000

Manual business processes waste your time and money

The Accounting and Operations department is responsible for generating multi-page detailed invoices for annual software maintenance contracts. Due to the complexity of their customer billing arrangements, the invoice process requires hours of personalized attention to research and compile the data used to create customer invoices.  This manual and time consuming process is prone to human error and lost invoice revenue.


  • As the number of customers has increased,   in annually, so has the number of staffers required to manually enter new customer data and invoice details into both the company’s accounting and CRM software. After nearly 6 weeks of duplicate data entry, research, and validation of their complex billing process, a single month’s worth of invoicing is produced.
  • Delays in billing are affecting the Customer Support Department which  handles customer calls for product support and activation of expired license keys. Customers often have to call for temporary activation of their software licenses until an invoice is sent out for payment, 
  • Multiple software packages and spreadsheets used to manage customer support, accounting, and licensing information are wholly disconnected. 


Leatherberry Associates provided a global solution using Business Process Automation. Customer source data used to compile and compute monthly invoices exists within the the company’s CRM. There was no need to maintain separate spreadsheets or to copy and paste customer data into the accounting software. Using business rules provided by Accounting and Operations, Leatherberry Associates developed a solution within the CRM to compile and compute customer invoices. The data is transferred into the accounting system on 15th of each month. New and existing customer information is auto-generated in the account system while payment history is returned to the CRM for Customer Service use. Newly created customer invoices and statements containing linked marketing campaign and event information are emailed along with payment instructions to each customer. 

Triggered by received customer payments, the BPA process initiates a call to generate replacement software license keys. The key information is inserted as a historical record in CRM then emailed to the customers containing current customer account information, their asset purchase history, a report of their current year’s support incidents and a direct link to the customer’s CRM record in the event the customer desires to view more detail or update their account information.


The process that used to take 3 staffers 6 weeks to complete affecting multiple departments has been reduced to a mere 30 minutes per month. The client has been able to re-purpose the role of 2 staffers from data entry to customer facing sales and operations roles.  A single staffer is now responsible for overseeing the initial step in the process and general accounting.  As a result of the automation process, an $87,000 invoice was processed and emailed to a major customer. The invoice would not have been sent under the manual human process as there were inconsistencies within the underlying data which the automation process was able to identify and correct. That customer promptly paid their software renewal invoice ensuring a prosperous month for our client!

Return on Investment:
After 3 months of development and testing, the company was able to recoup their investment in 2 months.

Think smart, work smarter, automate the rest!

BPA is a powerful suite of Business Process AUTOMATION technologies that enable organizations to realize their corporate vision. Over 4000 organizations worldwide use bpa software to streamline their business processes.

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