What crmLinX Customers Say

we would spend on average 30 to 40 hours a week, mostly weekends, trying to figure out who we owed money to and who owed us.  Thanks to the great team at Leatherberry Associates, our manual and error-prone process has been automated. In less than 15 minutes per week our invoices and bills are transferred from our heavily customized CRM…

Jeff Holupko Chief Financial Officer

It’s so simple. All of our sales orders, support tickets, and project time is transferred to QuickBooks. NO MORE DOUBLE ENTRY!!!

Nick Notoriano IT Manager

As controller, I was very concerned about transferring data automatically into my QuickBooks. Your Client Support representative was extremely responsive by showing me how I could have final approval using Infor CRM groups. Now crmLinX moves my data with accuracy and ease.

Charlotte Ryan Controller

Our billing process took 3 staff members 6 weeks of data entry to produce a single months worth of invoicing. It was errant, time consuming, and difficult to manage. Thanks to the team at Leatherberry Associates, our new automated billing process has been reduced to 30 minutes per month. It has freed 2 of our staff to focus on new…

Barbara Peters Chief Financial Officer

Why choose crmLinX?

crmLinX, the premier accounting integration product specifically designed for Infor CRM (formerly SalesLogix) and QuickBooks, offers a low cost of ownership, short implementation time and high return on investment. Flexible and easy to use, crmLinX readily accommodates growth and changing business requirements.

crmLinX product support is available to all customers with an active prepaid software support agreement.


Whether you are using a customized version of Infor CRM or simple “Out of the Box” functionality, crmLinX integrates Infor CRM and QuickBooks using bi-directional data synchronization of data at scheduled intervals. crmLinX improves organizational efficiency by eliminating duplicate data entry, expediting order processing and timely billing.

Empower Sales and Service employees to answer customer questions without having to contact accounting. 

  • “What’s the status of my order?” 
  • “Did you receive my payment?”

Many organizations begin by using QuickBooks and a myriad of tools for tracking sales and customer information. The logical next step is to meet the growing organizational need for a robust CRM solution and to integrate it with QuickBooks. crmLinX satisfies that integration need for both existing and prospective Infor CRM customers.

crmLinX supports many of the custom add-on solutions developed by Infor CRM Technology Partners. We at Leatherberry Associates acknowledge and support the effort put forth by many of these organizations to further enhance the robust capabilities of Infor CRM. To learn more about these solutions and how they can further enhance the performance of your business, contact your Infor CRM Business Partner.

The unique interface allows you to map data from any table entity within Infor CRM to QuickBooks. This means your integration can use existing Infor CRM functionality without the requirement or need for lengthy integration projects.

Using SQL table mapping, a query is constructed using your custom/standard data tables. This allows data to be retrieved from anywhere within the Infor CRM database as long as their is a logical link back to the Account record. 

Infor CRM Sales Orders, Opportunities, Support Ticket Activity,  Contracts, and/or  custom solution such as project and event management data will transform into Purchase Orders, Invoices, Sales Orders in QuickBooks.

Synchronization is scheduled. Whether nightly or a more frequent synchronization is required, crmLinX will simplify the accounting integration process.

Whether you have a single bookkeeper or a multi functional small business accounting department, crmLinX will initiate fiscal savings the moment its activated.  The amount of people hours required to enter, review, and process data is reduced from hours to seconds per transaction. 

If the accounting department is logging overtime entering customer and accounts receivable data nights, weekends, and/or on days off, you owe it to them to contact us today.

Read how one company received a $87,000 check one month after implementing crmLinX. 

See for Yourself

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