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What is Marketing Automation and Why Should I Care?

Modern marketers have access to an array of marketing resources and tools that allow them to launch and manage precision campaigns more effectively than ever before. However, not all marketing technology investments will generate the same return for your organization. Marketing automation stands apart from other available email solutions because it empowers marketers to achieve greater visibility among prospective and existing customers while tracking digital impressions in real time. 

Equipped with the resources and tools they need, Marketers are able to quickly learn who their audience is, engage prospective customers with relevant messaging and content designed to shorten the gap between prospective lead and active customer. 

Marketing Automation extends the efficiency of an organization when layered with a CRM. Building upon existing CRM data, marketers are  able to deliver targeted campaigns segmented by customer type, status, asset portfolio, buying habits, and more. From automated lead generation and tracking to timely revenue producing service reminders, Marketing Automation delivers month after month.

Unlike  basic Email Service Providers, marketing automation allows organizations to go beyond basic email marketing and enhance their outreach. Here are just some of the mission critical tasks one is able to perform without having to leave the Marketing Automation platform. The sky’s the limit when it comes to marketing automation because it truly is that powerful. 

о Collect critical insights and information through landing pages and forms

о Score leads and accounts to determine the appropriate course of action for optimal engagement

о Segment contacts based on industry, preferences, product interests, and more to deliver targeted marketing efforts

о Nurture leads through targeted automated programs to improve engagement and conversions at every step of the buyer journey

о Deliver the right message at the right time by implementing behavior-triggered messages and campaigns

о Improve customer retention through on-boarding, nurture, and upsell campaigns

о CRM integration to improve marketing and sales alignment and improve visibility across an organization

о Easily measure and optimize Marketing efforts to learn what is resonating with customers

о Implement website visitor tracking to gain valuable insights to readership, page visits and return visits

о Use Responsive contact forms and landing pages to dynamically build visitor profiles with each visit 

о And much more!

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