CRM Automation

" How can integration improve work-life balance?"

Today’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution has evolved from its simplistic former self into a dynamic data source that is the heartbeat of an organization. Inter-departmental dependency on shared information and data accuracy is critical to employee productivity, departmental efficiency, and organizational performance.  

The problems experienced by most organizations, other than users do not like the interface format, is that CRMs fail to offer extended business workflow within the software application. Simple workflows (i.e on change of status update a form value)  do usually exist. However, most organizations have multiple defined business processes built around their CRM that are manually completed by users. This is where the breakdown begins.  Organizations expect employees to enter information into their CRM.. “If it’s not in the CRM, it didn’t happen”.  Unless employee are hired specifically for data entry, there are more important tasks to be accomplished during the business day.

When Production, Operations, Accounting, and satellite offices are added to the equation, no longer will a simple CRM suffice. Disconnected, disparate CRM and ERP database hang over the organization like a dense airport fog grounding operation efficiency. Employees are left asking which module has the most accurate data. Which data source can be trusted? 

Business Process Automation embedded along side of a CRM/ERP/MRP database solution makes perfect sense.  Costly manual employee driven processes can be automated to ensure rapid transfer of data between systems,  proactively monitors data to prevent issues from arising, and enables employees to focus on their assigned responsibilities.

With a clear understanding of their CRM’s capabilities, System Administrators quickly recognize the importance of a BPA software’s significance. Whether integrating disconnected database silos, automating lead tracking and fulfillment, or managing a complex business requirement, Business Process Automation will improve organizational efficiency while reducing the cost of business.


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