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Revenue to Date


The company’s Marketing Manager had a significant problem. There was a constant stream of complaints from Sales regarding lost lead opportunities and incorrectly routed leads. There was no definitive means by which to hold Sales accountable for leads distributed.  Other than a poorly maintained spreadsheet, there was no meaningful reporting in place to report the number of sales leads received through the company’s multi-national websites.  Campaign management was non-existent.

How We Made Our Client Successful

Automate Lead Distribution

  • Eliminate manual data entry of leads into CRM
  • Eliminate manual lead routing and assignment
  • Ensure timely distribution of leads to prevent lost sales opportunities
  • Correctly route leads to RSM by business unit, product line, and sales territory
  • Eliminate RSM cold-calling efforts through increased flow of “warm leads”

Task Automations

  • Integration of multi-national websites including language translation
  • Immediate assignment and distribution of sales of leads
  • Alert reminders for overdue leads having no sales activity
  • Lead escalation and reassignment
  • Text/Email notifications to sales containing single click CRM integration links for mobile, web, and LAN client use.

Lead Tracking and Reporting

  • Leads to Cash
  • Dynamic Executive Dashboard
  • Regulary Scheduled Reporting
  • RSM Accountability

A Marketing Associate was responsible for the entry and distribution of leads received from the company’s multi-lingual websites. Given the associate’s limited and already overworked schedule, leads were processed between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM each workday.

Manual Business Process: After checking for duplicates, the associate would manually enter leads into the company CRM; Given the company represented a number of product lines in multiple geographic regions, the associate was required to review a product listing and map before assigning each lead to its respective Regional Sales Manager. Not having an effective lead tracking process, the associate was would call/email the RSM every few days to verify the lead had been received and contact initiated. Upon confirming the lead had been received by the RSM, no further action was taken by the associate.

Issues Presented: Increased marketing campaign activity had elevated the number of daily leads to unmanageable levels. RSMs were no longer receiving same day leads due to delayed data entry. Sales opportunities were being lost before they are ever quoted, and lead tracking was non existent.

A set of BPA Software tasks were introduced to intercept all inbound web leads from the multiple company websites. The automated task, triggered by the inbound mail server, parses the lead content and translates it to English. After checking for duplicate records, the BPA task automatically creates new lead records and/or updates existing lead records within the company CRM database. Using territory alignment rules, the BPA task correctly determines the appropriate Regional Sales Manager to whom the lead is to be assigned. A phone call activity is created and scheduled on the user’s CRM calendar. A new sales opportunity for which the sales representative is now automatically accountable, is added to the Sales Opportunity Pipeline. Formatted emails containing lead information and links to the newly created lead record contained within the company CRM are immediately distributed.

BPA proactively monitors the company CRM for new leads that have not been acknowledged within a predetermined time period. Alert notifications are distributed to Sales and Marketing. Further escalation processes are were added to further ensure leads are not disregarded or lost.

Regularly scheduled Lead Analysis and Sales Pipeline reports are auto-generated and emailed to ensure timely assessment of lead data. An Executive Dashboard is available for dynamic analysis of Lead data by geography, status, source, referring page, revenue potential, and more. Marketing and Sales are now able to identify which lead sources generate the most opportunities for revenue and, looking backwards, identify orders that originated from any given Marketing Campaign.

Time in motion demonstrated that a single Marketing Associate took approximately 5 to 7 minutes to process a single inbound domestic web lead while International leads took longer. That meant that on any given day, a maximum of 10 leads could be processed during the time period set aside to enter and process inbound web leads. Upon inception of the automated process, leads were processed and distributed to their respective Regional Sales Manager within 3 seconds of receipt.  No longer having to data enter leads, Marketing Associates were able to increase the number of active promotional campaigns thereby generating greater response rates and levels of interest. The company estimated that retention and conversion of one (1) additional lead per month would pay for the project investment after the first year. Upon completion of fiscal analysis, the company attributed > 37% of its sales to the BPA Lead Automation Project. Within five (5 ) years of launching the automated BPA process, over 43,000 leads have been processed and all Regional Sales Manager cold call sales initiatives have been stopped as sales representatives are now focused 100% on web leads.