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When was the last time you had your organization’s BPA taken? Irregular heart beat? Increased levels of stress? Overworked and sleepless?

Business Process Automation BPA enforces consistency by replacing many of the manual human driven processes organizations depend upon each day with scheduled event driven tasks. These repeatable tasks are comprised of tools designed to complete each step of a defined business process. Whether a data driven event, submitted web form, inbound email, scheduled deliverable, or complex data integration between systems, these tasks complete on scheduled and without interruption. Employee efficiency and performance levels improve as they are now able to complete the job for which they were hired on time and still have time to watch their children grow! Whether your company is international or down the street, BPA is a necessity for maintaining a competitive edge and and a healthy work-life balance.  

Take a few moments to ponder the following scenarios. If any of them touch a nerve, we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you.  

we would spend on average 30 to 40 hours a week, mostly weekends, trying to figure out who we owed money to and who owed us.  Thanks to the great team at Leatherberry Associates, our manual and error-prone process has been automated. In less than 15 minutes per week our invoices and bills are transferred from our heavily customized CRM to QuickBooks.

Jeff Holupko Chief Financial Officer

Water Cooler "Discussion" Topics

  • I’m always waiting on someone else to get me the information before I am able to submit my reports.
  • Every time there is employee turnover, my work days are extended with more work for the same pay.
  • Why does it take so long for Marketing to distribute my leads?
  • Customers are always asking questions. Why can’t we send them status updates?
  • I have to click through multiple screens to update a single record.
  • Data should “magically” update itself.
  • Something needs to be done!

Company Whiteboard Project "Ideas"

  • Cleanse Duplicate Data 
  • Data Integration and Synchronization
  • Automated Lead Processing and Distribution
  • Automated Text/Email Status Notifications to Customers
  • Automated System Updates on Change of Status
  • Proactive Data Mining / Preemptive Analysis
  • Timely Dissemination of Data
  • Empower Employee Productivity
  • Short Term Return on Investment

Think smart, work smarter, and automate the rest!

let us take your BPA. Schedule a complimentary Pre-Discovery Consultation toDAY
  • Learn how BPA can specifically benefit your business.
  • Discuss pricing and implementation options
  • See a BPA in action

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