Business Process Automation


Business Process Automation (BPA) uses software driven tasks to complete a business process dependably as scheduled.  Think of it as a perfect employee who works 24x7x365 to complete every assigned task as scheduled and never asks for time off.

These powerful and versatile tasks are built using object oriented “drag and drop” tools designed to emulate the specific steps of an organizational process.  

According to Forrester, business process automation can dramatically reduce manual administration and cut operational costs by up to 90%. Due to manual administration processes being automated, employee productivity is increased, allowing them to concentrate on value added tasks, such as developing customer relationships, improving brand awareness or enhancing products and services.

Implementing a business process automation strategy streamlines internal processes providing a competitive advantage. By ensuring each department and employee has access to the most up-to-date information, BPA can expedite decision making, strategic planning and forecasting.

Think about the number of data points that exist with your own organization and, of course, those are only the data sources you are aware of, These business systems house a wealth of customer/user information that grow exponentially overtime into (dis)organized silos of data. Now consider the manual manipulation of those data sources. Does the information match?  Is the customer address correct in each? How about the accounts receivable status? When your customer calls, are your employees able to address the caller’s issue? A BPA process can connect to each of these data end points to ensure consistency in data accuracy, timely dissemination of data to those who depend upon it to fulfill their organizational responsibilities.

Integrating business systems and applications with BPA software aligns disparate systems and data. It eradicates data irregularity and provides real-time information to aid decision making. Business system integration bridges the gap between systems and applications by allowing them to talk to each other to reduce process bottlenecks and repetitive data entry.

Recognize the return on investment by empowering those who power your organization. Costly labor intensive business processes prevent already over-worked employees from completing timely projects. Process Automation improves workplace efficiency by eliminating manual laborious tasks. Automated business processes ensure tasks are completed as scheduled to deliver time sensitive reporting, integrate data, distribute leads and marketing collateral. Automation tools monitor critical business data and alert key personnel before important deadlines are missed.

Start Here!

Before embarking upon your business process automation journey and deciding which BPA software solution is best suited for your organisation’s requirements, it’s helpful to have a BPA project management plan in place. This BPA Project Management Workbook is designed to help you to identify the business processes that you would like to automate. Additionally, it will help you to define the business systems and databases where data is held and the processes that are run manually within the project. The steps outlined within the workbook will help you to consider the business requirements and resources available to make your business process automation implementation a success.

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